EnergyLB Resources will evaluate your energy use and find ways to optimize consumption and yield of power and resources that will increase productivity, save on equipment maintenance costs, impact positively on the environment, and save money for years, offering an attractive ROI on your capital investment. Our solutions are grounded in operational data, knowledge of your plant, and a diverse set of technologies that create leaner, more economical, and more sustainable energy profiles.

How We Can Help Your Business

EnergyLB Resources provides its clients with comprehensive assessments on:
  • Electric Power Distribution Systems
  • HVAC, Chilling & Refrigeration Systems
  • Combustion Boilers, Engines, and Steam Systems
  • LED Lighting and Controls
  • Water and Hydronic Systems

What We'll Achieve for You
  • Lower Energy and Utility Costs
  • Conserve Resources and Reduce Carbon Footprint
  • Smooth Power and Resource Demand Peaks
  • Expand Capacity Through Existing Infrastructure
  • Operate Cooler and Extend Equipment Life
  • Decrease Maintenance/Repair Time and Cost
  • Improve Fuel Economy
  • Increase Production

Ready to Talk About Energy Optimization?

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Some Industries We Serve

We Specialize in Large, High Occupancy, Energy Intensive Commercial and Industrial Facilities.

We design site specific plant wide solutions that:
  • Address multiple sub-systems
  • Reduce consumption and improve the quality of your energy and resources
  • Do not control existing operations
  • Increase equipment life
  • Require little or no specialized training or maintenance
  • Target short paybacks of 3 or less years
  • Will be formally monitored and verified for performance

About Our Process
  • “From our first meeting until the project close‐out in late 2015, EIS was always laser focused on providing solutions to our power quality problems here at the Hutting, AR lumber mill. Since installing EIS’s recommended equipment we have seen a marked improvement in the reliability of our frequency drives, nuisance tripping has gone away in key production areas, and as an added bonus, we are seeing a very noticeable power savings since completion of the project.”  
    Lumber Mill, Huttig Arkansas
    Maintenance Superintendent, West Fraser Huttig Mill
  • "In our district, we try to do energy efficiency projects every year. The team at Energy LB Resources showed our facilities department an innovative and cost effective way to reduce electric utilization without changing out equipment in our HVAC system. We were able to save significant budget dollars with little upfront cost and a low payback period.”  
    Large Public High School, Bow, NH
    Duane Ford, Assistant Superintendent for Business Administration
  • “This project has shown that by upgrading our systems, we can save on the bottom line. Our carbon footprint has decreased significantly. Also, the quality and consistency of the Lighting in the store is more uniform and brighter – a dramatic improvement.”  
    Full Service Grocery Store, Laconia, NH
    Bob Fitzpatrick, Store Manager, Vista Foods
  • “The team was very responsive during the entire time we all worked together. The results in savings, carbon footprint reduction, increased electric capacity, and power quality improvement have been outstanding. The entire team here in Georgia has been very pleased with this entire project.”  
    Medical Device Manufacturer, Covington, GA
    Jason Pertoso, Plant Manager, CRBard
  • “There is no better way to save money on your electricity bill than to upgrade your lighting from tradition/fluorescent bulbs to high efficiency LED lighting! We are saving between 18% and 31% each month.”  
    Public Library, Hudson, NH
    Linda Pilla, Library Director, George H and Ella M Rodgers Memorial Library